Wednesday, 30 Mehr 1399
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مسابقه نقاشی
سال جهش تولید
رودخانه زاینده رود1398
رحلت جانسـوز نبی مکرم اسلام(ص) و سلاله پاکش حضرت امام حسن مجتبی(ع) و امام رضا(ع) را تسلیت عرض مینماییم
رحلت جانسوز نبی مکرم اسلام(ص) و سلاله پاکش حضرت امام حسن مجتبی(ع) و امام رضا(ع) را تسلیت عرض مینماییم
رحلت جانسوز نبی مکرم اسلام(ص) و سلاله پاکش حضرت امام حسن مجتبی(ع) و امام رضا(ع) را تسلیت عرض مینماییم
آب نگین هستی
آب کیمیای هستی
السلام علی الحسین    و علی علی ابن الحسین    و علی اولاد الحسین    و علی اصحاب الحسین

The Zayandeh Rud:
The Lifeblood of an Entire Region

The catchment of the Zayandeh Rud (Farsi for ‘life-giving river‘), is one of the most diverse regions in Iran: From the snow-covered Zagros Mountains, through wide floodplains  and desert regions to the Gavkhuni Salt Lake, the catchment is a special habitat. For centuries the river has attracted people and the entire region is host to a uniquely diverse ecology.

During the last 60 years, the population in the catchment has grown from less than a million to almost four million (for more figures see table on page 12). Today, more than 1  million people live from the land producing wheat, barley and other staple food. Important steel, oil and cement industries have settled along the river which along with numerous  smaller enterprises employ more than 300,000 people.


Zayanderud  river in Isfahan city


Zayanderud  river passes through Chahar Mahal&Bakhtiari and  Isfahan provinces along about 400 kilometers of its path . The main source of Zayanderud river is from ZardKuh mountains as fountains like Dimeh fountain in Chelgerd Bakhtiari , and along its path some other waters add to it ,such a river coming from Freidoonshahr county.

In addition to natural fountains , the water of some fountains of Karun river have been transferred to Zayanderud , through kohrang tunnels and Langan fountain .
The great dam of Zayanderud is located in Chadegan county of Isfahan province . After this dam, Zayanderud passes through a mountainous era and meandrous valleys toward Baghbaderan city ; and along this way passes through historical Zamankhan bridge and Saman city in the chahar Mahahal & Bakhtiari province.
After Baghbaderan , several small barriers have been constructed on the Zayanderud way to conduct it's water to the far and near places ; that's why that Zayanderud becomes dry in Isfahan city frequently especially during drought periods .
Zayanderud after Isfahan city flow to east toward Ziar city and finally to Varzaneh , a desert city in Isfahan province , and then to Gavkhooni swamp . Of course this section of Zayanderud has been often dried in recent years . Gavkhooni swamp is converted to a salt marsh as well .   
In the eastern part of Zayanderud in Isfahn city, water from the purification of urban sewage is arrived to the bed of Zayanderud river , leading to a little permanent water in Zayanderud in the east of Isfahan . Zayanderud in Varzaneh , the last city along Zayanderod path,  gets a dirty and black appearance.